Water Paint Theme For Firefox

Water Paint Theme For Firefox 1.0

It combines the technical aspects of computers with world artistic abilities
1.0 (See all)

Water Paint Theme For Firefox combines the highly technical aspects of computers with old world artistic abilities to give a theme which relies upon the style and techniques of painting but used in the context of a highly technical application such as Firefox.
All of the main toolbar icons have been reworked to give the field of watercolor or impressionistic style of painting. While the basis for this theme is very much based in art, the technical considerations have not been left to one side. The toolbars have been redesigned to take up a smaller area than on the default Firefox theme.
The theme is compact, fast loading and will not interfere with the functionality of your browser in any fashion. In fact, in some regards, because the theme is so clean it may speed up your browsing experience for some tasks.

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